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April 18, 2019

SoCal Simple SSB Transceiver Sketch

A Digitally Controlled Analog VFO



A Third New Transceiver for 2019!

The Simple SSB ~ 10 Devices Total!


Transceiver #1

  • Old Technology with a modern flare ~ Arduino Nano/Si5351
  • Two 3N209 Dual Gate MOSFETs are the complete IF Module
  • Bilateral Operation from SPRAT 128 and G4GXO
  • USB/LSB and Two VFO's (FT8/WSPR)
  • 9 MHz IF on the 40 Meter Band
  • 128X128 Color TFT Display
  • 5 Watts out with a IRF510
  • Re-use of many old transceiver assemblies/parts

Stay tuned for more exciting details. Work in Progress.

Check out the size of the rig as compared to the D104 Lollipop Microphone. Small is a good word!


Pete N6QW

2019 Transceiver #2 is here!

7[Note on 2/27 moved to 20 Meters]



New from the N6QW Radio Laboartories.

The Sudden 40M SSB Transceiver.

Here is the Detail!


Part II , The Sudden Transmit Stages now in the DETAIL!


Arduino Code for the LCD to OLED replace.


August 29th, 2018

S Meter Test Code as seen in Hot Iron





Pete N6QW



2018 ---- The Sudden 40M SSB Transceiver


The Simpleceiver

Old Postings From the Blog ~ 2015

Takes 15 Seconds to download

The Current Simpleceiver Plus V2.0

DuWaynes [KV4QB] Arduino/Si5351 VFO Sketch


Simpleceiver Two VFO Code

Revised Simpleceiver Two VFO Code ~ No Flicker






The N6QW Big Kahuna




N6QW's Mini-Rig 07/2017



A 40 Meter SSB Transceiver with a Yaesu Filter


The Bitx40 Project as built by N6QW





Jameco Electronics A great resource for project parts!


N6QW Projects
* JABOM 20M SSB Transceiver
* Belthorn III 40M SSB Transceiver
* Simpleceiver LT Spice . I will let you do the hard work,.

* Raspberry Pi3 with a SoftRock SDR

(Process revised 8/9/2016)


The LM373 ~ A 20 Meter SSB Transceiver












The KWM-4 ~ A Homebrew Work of Art!














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