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July 10 , 2018

July 29, 2018

I have stopped detailed posting to the N6QW Blog.

Past entries on the blog can still be accessed and the SEARCH function used to find the information.

See the Simpleceiver Project below for the Two VFO Code

Soon to be released from the N6QW Laboratories is a brand new transceiver with functionality beyond a Bitx40. Stay tuned.


Arduino Code for the LCD to OLED replace.


Pete N6QW



2018 ---- The Mystery Transceiver II


The Simpleceiver

Old Postings From the Blog ~ 2015

Takes 15 Seconds to download

The Current Simpleceiver Plus V2.0

DuWaynes [KV4QB] Arduino/Si5351 VFO Sketch


Simpleceiver Two VFO Code

Revised Simpleceiver Two VFO Code ~ No Flicker






The N6QW Big Kahuna




N6QW's Mini-Rig 07/2017



A 40 Meter SSB Transceiver with a Yaesu Filter


The Bitx40 Project as built by N6QW





Jameco Electronics A great resource for project parts!


N6QW Projects
* JABOM 20M SSB Transceiver
* Belthorn III 40M SSB Transceiver
* Simpleceiver LT Spice . I will let you do the hard work,.

* Raspberry Pi3 with a SoftRock SDR

(Process revised 8/9/2016)


The LM373 ~ A 20 Meter SSB Transceiver












The KWM-4 ~ A Homebrew Work of Art!














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