Big Kahuna Sketch Information

The link below is a text document (notepad). Open the document and copy and paste the information in a blank IDE and name it what you want. There are certain graphic libraries needed (Adafruit Industries) and you must have the si5351 and Rotary files. There are links to these files as well. The Rotary and si5351 files along with the main sketch must all be in the same folder. The links for the Rotary and si5351 files are also linked below and they too are text documents. Open and IDE and copy and paste those int the IDE and save them with the exact title shown in the links

The Big Kahuna display cannot operate off of 5 voltsdirectly and you must use a level shifter (( a CD4050). The CD4050 translates the 5 Volt logic coming off of the Arduino pins to 3.3 volts. The wiring marix for the CD4050 is contained within the text comments section of the sketch. Yes you will have to read the comments.