Paesano ~ The Final RF Amplifer and LPF Info

Not unlike the Sudden Transciever Project, once again the IRF510 is called into Service and the Final RF Amplifier stage. It is the very same circuit. If you desire to use the RD06HHF1 Mitsubishi RF FET. Then simply lift the Ground pin and insert a Red LED between this pin and ground with the Cathode to ground and the other end to the lifted Ground Pin.. The pin out for the IRF510 from left to right is Gate, Drain, Source. One the RD06HHF1 is is Gate, Source, Drain. The Tab is the source and can be fitted directly to the heat sink. With the IRF510 you must use an insulated Mica washer kit. It is a good idea on the IRF510 to cut the middle Drain pin and make the connections to the tab.


The 20 Meter Coil Data: L1, L3 = 13 Turns on a T-50-6, L2 = 12 Turns on a T-50-6. Use #26
The 40 Meter Coil Data: L1, L3 = 17 Turns on a T-50-2, L2 = 16 Turns on a T-50-2. Use #26