Phase 5 ~ Testing With Power OFF


This seems like a weird operation to test the radio with the power OFF. Well it is not and may in fact save your radio from a catastrophic failure. Basically this section involves close inspection of your work so far. The purpose is to verify all of the connections before applying power. The verification entails looking at the wiring itself being properly directed as well as affriming "quality" solder connections.

It is important to verify that all of the on board connectors are indeed connected to the right location and to the proper controls. The one area in particular is the connectors where the main power to the board is connected as adjacent to that connector is the Push To Talk (PTT) connector. If the DC power is applied to the PTT you will smoke the board and the harm may not be recoverable.

Look carefully at all the soldered connections to the controls and to the terminal strips. Are they good solder joints? Are there any shorts that are apparent? In the process of soldering was there evidence of any solder splashes that may be shorting out components on the board? Are there any loose filings or drill outfall such as might occur when the box is drilled and the main board was installed?

Is there a possibility that connections were made to the terminal strips but never soldered? When the audio gain control was installed on the front panel are any of the wires touching the front panel thereby grounding out the audio control?

Reverify the Ring Tip Sleeve connections on the microphone jack. Also verify that the microphone plug itself is wired correctly. The usual standard is to have the Sleeve as Ground, the Ring as the Microphone connection and the Tip is the connection to the Push To Talk cicuit.

Were the power wires connected to the proper terminals on the provided power connector? Did you wire the toggle switch so that up is "ON"?

Make a total visual inspection after completing all of these checks! Wait 15 minutes (time for a cup of coffee or making a pit stop) and then another visual check of all of the items. Now you are ready for the Power On testing.